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about_picAbout us

The team behind MSP Far East (previously knows as MSP Performance & MSP Racing) has over 40 years of experience when it comes to automobiles. MSP Far East was created by a group of individuals that are extremely passionate towards cars and being the best.

Our work says it all. We are, of course, nothing without the support of our customers that have followed us throughout the years and to this date trust us with their time and money. Come to us for an honest opinion and reasonable prices.



Pickup service to and from workshop:

To offer you more convenience when travelling over while your car is still with us, we can arrange for a nearby pickup to and from our venue.

Personal vehicle delivery:

Don't have the time to collect your car? You can have it delivered straight to your house or any other preferred location.

Automotive advice:

We may be industry experts, but we are a friend to our customers foremost. If you find yourself facing an automotive-related problem, we are always open to help you with a solution.

servicesOur Services

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Buying a car can be unnerving and is best to be guided by a team that knows what to look for in determining whether it is worth that few hundred thousand grand you're about to drop. Our thorough list of mechanical and diagnostic checks and inspection report is what you will refer to when finally going through the purchase with the dealer. Call us to have your car inspected within a few hours so you have a peace of mind when collecting the keys to your new car.



It is only human to err. Fortunately, there is no need to panic when you know the right people to call. We have been helping people for years now in settling mishaps on the road. Our experience extending for more than a decade has allowed many to get back what they deserve. Contact us for a no hassle, no obligation advise on your car.



So I decided to try out MSP when the Agent quote me $6k to solve my issue of Water seeping into my car flooding the interior from Rear to Front. The Agent said it’s one unique problem so that’s why their quote is so high. Seriously?
I was so glad I took my car to Calvin at MSP. Not only I had a piece of mind with the videos & Photos they provides, their fee was reasonable and fair. I must give my hat off to Calvin, Varun & Amar. The amount of work done was really appreciated. And when I found the leak was in more than one place, Calvin & Varun jumped onto the problem immediately without additional charge.
These guys are great and detail. Any advice they gave, they never push me nor corner me. I have no qualms referring MSP to anyone.

Now, I don’t have to worry shit on rainy days. Definitely recommend MSP! Thanks guys.

- anthonyPP



Seeing my RX-7 seeing no progress - I decided to take all its many parts MSP Performance Racing for assembly to running level which I was introduce and try out.
To my relief found Calvin there. Thanks to Calvin & His team having solid rotary knowledge the progress was fast, and many more parts were purchased including many SP components. With the dedicated handling and explicit knowledge of Calvin, his team was able to indent another set of turbos and installed. With a quick retune, the car caught up with the field that night in an event and rejoined the final days competition, setting good times and finishing the 2000km event BEAUTIFULLY !

MSP Performance Racing, you made me proud ! Thanks to Calvin & His dedicated team that made my dream come true.

- Jeffchen365



Thought I share my experience. I just relocated to Singapore from Europe and I was looking for a trustworthy car workshop which I realized is not an easy task in Singapore.
I thought I tried out MSP having read all the good reviews. My husband bought a 2nd hand beautiful BWM 730i and I brought down to MSP for inspection and second opinion. Calvin was blunt but honest and checked my vehicle and made recommendations. I brought to other workshops for 2nd opinion and was told to change a list of items, 10 times more than Calvin's recommendation list. Counted checked with the authorized dealer and it was exactly Calvin advise.

I will be going back to MSP have Calvin & His team to those items fixed. I would recommend this workshop, a great team & Honest dealings.

- Ziyi123



I have nothing but positive things to say about Calvin at MSP. Calvin is bluntly honest, efficient, and truly cares about his business and customers. I say blunty because he doesn't bother if truth hurts. However, he does an outstanding job, and he knows BMWs like no one else.
I have an older BMW that has had some issues over the past few years. I have been taken advantage of by mechanics in the past and very wary every new mechanic. Before I found Calvin(MSP) , I was diagnosed with a $3,000-$4,000 fix by two other mechanics to fit my BMW E36 (past down by my beloved Dad). So, this car have sentimental value to me. I came to Calvin based on the reviews for a third opinion. Turns out none of the other "German specialists" I had seen prior to him knew what they were talking about. Calvin and his mechanic fixed the problem for half the amount and still managed to avoid any unnecessary and costly changes. And I know my old car parts are not easily available but Calvin got it running fine. My car now isn't vibrating and is running fine and very very smooth. He's trustworthy, and he knows what he's doing.
I am not the type to write review, but the exceptional service and price to restore my beloved car, I'm truly appreciative & Grateful. Calvin is a truly knowledgeable mechanic as well as high intellect (surprising) , a nice guy, and an honest man. If you have a Porsche or BMW, do yourself a favor and bring it to Calvin.

- Hammerchung380



Calvin & Amar was exceptionally thorough & Meticulous in their handling my beauty. I was constantly updated on the status of my Porsche Panamera repairs with pictures and videos. Their communication around any existing needs with the vehicle is thourough. I must say they are better than the original Agent. The smoothness performance of my car was better than before when I got my car. They save me a thousand of dollars by saving my Cam-Shafts from breaking . I will give them a 10/10 .

I am extremely satisfied and would recommend to anyone this workshop. Keep up the good work.

- Kentwong098



Taking a car to a mechanic is like going to the doctor for a body checkup, you don't want to hear or know where the problem is and you just want it fix at the quickest and cheapest and lessse pain. And many automotive workshops take advantage of customers like us. I found out even so call authorize workshops aren't what they seems to be.
So glad I found Calvin & His team. After several horrible experiences I finally said "Enough" And found MSP. They were wonderful, honest, fast and reasonable priced. I was constantly updated with stages of repair of my Porsche with pictures & Videos. To put it in perspective - I had a light that burned out on my car and the dealer charged be over $xx ; The same light on the opposite side was replaced by Calvin for only a fraction of the cost. As much as I'm grateful, I was angry the amount of trust and money I could have saved had come over to Calvin.

If you are shopping for a trustworthy workshop, look no where, my Porsche group also agree Calvin & His team are supreme in knowledge and skill.

- kenzolim40



I bought my Porsche Panamera to MSP for second opinion & Calvin did not lie to me and told me straight forward that he didn't know for a fact what was wrong with it, but would investigate and test it for a few days. And I mean "Did not lie" Because it is a common practice of mechanics to just throw parts at cars hoping that fixes the problem.
After 1 week he recommended to have my car opened and check. I was provided with pictures and videos on the investigation and changed the list of items advised like Power Steering Pump and a few items as well as Oil changed. When I took my car, it was gleaming clean and the engine was so smooth.
MSP, Calvin have proven honesty, excellent workmanship, and attentiveness, not to mention the excellent price.

If you love and like having your car on top performance I would totally recommend you this repair shop.

- PennyC



Calvin is outstanding in his knowledge in cars and efficient in explaining my Bentley issues. The repairs/oil changes are always done to perfection whether it's putting on a new tire or something far more complicated. The pricing is fair and reasonable. He offers concise advice when something is needed, but without any pressure. When he DO advise something, you should most probably do whatever it IS. Also, I must mention that I asked if they would take me home and I received door-to-door chauffeur Service With A Smile. You cannot go wrong taking your vehicle to MSP FAR EAST.

- joejones45



My car has multiple problems, I went to a few workshops before I found MSP Far East. Those workshops somehow made matters kind of worse and still cannot solve the problems.
However, at MSP Far East, the guys, Calvin & His team are very efficient and able to solve my car problems quickly, 1 at a time. Most of my repairs are attended to by Calvin & Amar , and there was one repair that kind of impressed me - I went there to change my bushings & Transmission fluid, but I was surprised when Calvin actually did additional diagnostic tests as well and I don't know what he did, but somehow my car's overall performance has improved. And in his invoice, he remarks what other parts need changes in the next servicing which helps me to keep track of my car performance.

The best part is, I didn't even ask for it and it was like a value-added service that he did to make a customer happy. Thank you Calvin & Amar for your patience with my car even though it has too many problems and I am sure it might give you headaches haha.

- Rogerboy123



SERVICE YOU EXPECT AND DESERVE Unlike other repair shops I have tried.
Calvin will tell you if they notice or find other items that need attention on your vehicle. This wasn't a "Get more work out of you ploy", it was being helpful and of concern for me, which I really appreciate. My Porsche went into limp mode at busy Orchard area at a good busy shopping hour on a beautiful Saturday evening, my luck! Calvin & His team responded immediately when I called for their advice even though I haven’t totally decided which workshop.
Calvin & His team diagnostic result shows my gearbox problem. Diagnostic equipment don’t lie unlike human. I would like to compliment on Calvin & His team that even though they knew my car have warranty, that didn’t stop them giving their best service especially when my tow truck arrive late in the night to tow to agent I’m taking my other cars over Calvin & Introduced my family & Friends too.

TLike they say, good things don’t come easy especially Autoworkshop.




I love my Cayenne and my ever reliable work horse BMW 730. I'm happy that I have a mechanic who understands all about cars especially my type of performance cars. Calvin & His mechanic Amar has the experience, skills and tools to keep them running very smoothly. One so call ' Specialist ' quote me $7k to service my gearbox issue and another so call “ Expert� charged me $5k and it seems I was taken for a ride because the problem still existed and he can't explain a thing.
After I took my 730 & My Porsche to Calvin, it was a breeze. As another reviewer stated, Calvin doesn't speculate, no crystal ball, the team does their work and gives you a fair quote and options. I've been twice in the last year and I'll go back as needed to keep my car on the road. Thank you Calvin & Your team. Super service and had I know Calvin earlier, I would have saved myself alot of money and time.

- Brandonzhouu



Had my Panamera serviced by another shop, but then had problems with the engine running rough, which they assured me was normal for Porsches. And I was told my Gear Box needs to be replaced. That will really will cost me a bomb!! I took it to MSP, Calvin & His foreman Amar diagnosed professionally and repaired the problem immediately. Turns out the other shop had broken an air hose and taped it with electrical tape which didn't seal properly !!
In addition, when my car broke down at ONE KM the exit slope, Calvin & His team responded immediately in half hour which really surprised me. For a small workshop, they are really united & Good at their word. And found out the problem was no petrol, which I should have taken note. I wish I had known about Calvin before. These guys are the best - honest, fast, and absolute experts. Highly recommended!!!

- keithbond123



Calvin & His team delivered on its promise. They examined my cars, a Porsche Cayenne & A Audi A6 and told me what needed to be done and accomplished it at the most reasonable price. Additionally, they detailed the car and returned it to me to my office and home looking fantastic & Smelling great. I'm trusting him to take care of my precious and would highly recommend this workshop anytime.

- DaisynDanny



It’S been a big moment, buying my first Porsche, years of eager anticipation.....Well now I’Ve done it I can honestly say it’S one of the best thing was your valuable input and suggestions. The car is better than I’D imagined in so many ways – Torque, handling, grip, build quality etc etc. I can’T imagine buying any other car that could match the performance and experience for the same price.
Really enjoy coming over and spending time with you guys. Nothing is ever too much trouble and it's great that I can get under my car and discuss any issues!
Oh and the car feels great after the suspension work and geometry set up! Thanks again and look forward to my next visit.

- Billryder1977


Rare & Exotic Classic Supercars

Have a classic or rare exotic car you're trying to sell? Modern exotics sell themselves so it doesn't take much effort. Classic exotics on the other hand usually have a lot of untapped potential in terms of detailing that we can bring out when the time comes to exchange owners. Having done overseas restoration projects, we have a high standard of quality when it comes to letting a car out of our workshop.