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Maintenance & Repairs

MSP Far East is Singapore's independent BMW, Audi, VW & Porsche specialist. With so much innovation coming from this automaker, it is important to have your repair done by qualified technicians using the latest technical equipment. This is exactly what you'll find when you come to us. At MSP, we speak the language of these highly technical cars.

We know what you expect when you drive away from having your scheduled maintenance and repairs done on your Saloon, Coupe or SUV. We can handle all repairs you may need and perform all the routine services, so you can maintain the superior driving experience, from engine to gearbox (DSG, Mechatronics, S-Tronic, ZF and PDK) including performance tuning.

German marques

In class and status, German auto makers strives to stay at the forefront of automotive technology with an unwavering commitment to performance and luxury. BMW, Audi, VW and Porsche have become a favorite among consumers demanding superior automobiles.

Maintenance Services Include:

check_right Oil Service

check_rightTiming Belt Replacement

check_rightEngine Oil Leak Repairs

check_rightABS & Airbag Light Diagnostics

check_rightBrake & Suspension Servicing

check_rightEngine - Spark Plugs, Fuel and Air Filters, Sensors

check_rightCooling - Radiator, Water Pump, Hoses, Thermostat

check_rightMIL Diagnostics (Check Engine Light)

check_rightAccessories and Air Conditioning

check_rightElectronic Diagnosis & Programming

Other than the above mentioned lightweight services offered, we also undertake heavy duty repairs like Engine and Gearbox Overhauls.

Timing Belt - Chain Maintenance

MSP, along with many dealerships, has updated the service interval for timing belt replacement. Audi vehicles utilize these flexible composite belts, which if allowed to fail will do extensive engine damage. Updated information is as follows:

Audi (Overlaps similar VW Models)

TT Replacement @ 80k KM *

TA4 Replacement @ 80-100k KM *

A6 Replacement@ 90k KM *

A8 & A6 4.2 & all RS & S Replacement @ 90k KM *


1/2/3/4/5-Series (4 cyl & 6 cyl) Replacement @ 80k KM *

5-Series (6 cyl) Replacement @ 80-100k KM *

6-Series Replacement@ 90k KM *

7-Series Replacement @ 90k KM *


Cayman, Cayman GTS/GT4 Replacement @ 80k KM *

Carrera/Targa S, 4, 4S Replacement @ 80-100k KM *

Carrera/Targa Turbo, Turbo S, GT2, GT3, GT3RS, GTS Replacement@ 90k KM *

Panamera S,4,4S, Turbo, Turbo S Replacement @ 90k KM *

Cayenne/Macan S, Turbo, GTS

* All models due on time @ 6 years

Italian Stallions

Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Maseratis undergo the same scrutiny if not more when it comes to the diagnosis, detailing and performance tuning of these marques. There is no waiting time should you require to have your cars tended to by our trained professionals.